måndag 25 oktober 2010

Website is up

It sure took me some time but now a first edition of the fabulous Gretchen.se website is up. There are still some minor adjustments to make as the first welcome greeting isn't the proper one and "Team Gretchen" page isn't done at all. So what do you all think about it? It love to take in your comments and point of views (not that I can or will fix or change it, but still).
At the same time i've moved to Blogger cause my old blog didn't give me quite as many options as Blogger do, so lets see what will become of it.

And as you can see I'm writing in English for the first time as well. Has this Gretchen person finally lost it all, you may ask yourself, loud and clear. The obvious answer to that would of course but it happened many moons ago. Just to not let down my international fans i will write here both in English and in Swedish. Who knows what other languages might come up here if you stick around long enough? Well that's all for now, folks and remember: Sharing is caring!

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